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About Blockchain Impact Institute

About Us

The Blockchain Impact Institute founded in Vancouver, British Columbia by experienced professionals with buyside and sellside expertise, is a dynamic platform designed to introduce the latest in distributed ledger or blockchain technology and its related applications to investment professionals across the globe from private equity, venture capital, family offices and institutional investors. At our exclusive, internationally attended conferences, we invite key players in diverse fields from throughout the world to engage and discuss future trends in blockchain technology and showcase companies at the forefront of their industries that have adopted distributed ledger technology to disrupt industries and continuously innovate. We have organized well-attended events in New York, Vancouver and Toronto in the past year as the platform has continued to evolve as knowledge in this space becomes more and more valuable. 

Our conferences have brought together over 1000 participants from the world of private equity, venture capital, family offices, corporate investment offices and high net worth individuals to meet with the latest venture capital-backed companies, startups, angels, and others in the blockchain technology universe. Our participants include general partners, limited partners, individual investors, founders, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and entrepreneurs, all attending to engage in networking opportunities, introductions to new ideas, to learn the latest developments in compliance and regulation and opening doors to the blockchain technology market on a global scale and reach. 

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