Blockchain impact Partner Rewards
supported by iBank Digital through iCashRewards ("iCash")
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We are launching our event community partnership package together with iCashRewards. The iCashRewards Loyalty Program is sponsored by iBank Digital. It will reward our community partners with iCash Loyalty Points, which will be tokenized on the Ethereum Blockchain Network in July 2019. 

The main function is to encourage our community partners to promote Blockchain Impact LP-GP events across the globe. In return, our community partners will earn 10,000 iCashRewards Loyalty Points for each event promoted, upon the consent by Blockchain Impact. 

iCashRewards also serves other purposes including using iCash as a way to purchase virtual gifts and consume through iBank iCash XPass, XWallet and XPOS ecosystem in more than 25 countries across the globe. iCash can be exchanged with USDT on in 2019. 

To learn more about iCashRewards Loyalty Program, please visit

300-1055 West Hastings Street Vancouver BC, Canada V6E 2E9

Tel: +1 604-689-0618

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